Write On

There are lots of important things that you need to do to become  a writer;

But the most important thing that you need to do is to write.

Not think about it,

Not plan it,

Not talk about it,

But actually put your posterior in the chair, your fingers on the pen or the keys, your mind in gear, and write.

A lot.

Write awkwardly, if you must. Write badly, if that’s what’s happening. Use the wrong words, cliches, stilted phrases, unclear metaphors – whatever comes out of your head and your heart and onto the paper or the screen.

It’s o.k. You can go back and tweak it or polish it later on as needed. What’s important is not to sit around and wait for your Muse to decide to drop by, or agonize all day over a comma and never finish anything.

The action of chosing to write and commiting to write on a regular basis will help you to grow immensely as a writer. Will give you the skills you need to write when you want, as opposed to only when “inspiration strikes” or “conditions are favorable”.

And that’s what a writer really needs…





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