Happy Birthday to Me, Again

Promised you that one of the things that you’d see on this blog were pieces of my own work.

Here we are.

I thought that I’d start out with  a piece from my birthday last year on celebrating your life by giving your time to the things that you love.


“Last year on my birthday, I got to thinking about the experience of getting older and how to love it as it happens. And I had the honor of sharing those thoughts with you

Here we are again – it’s my birthday (52nd this time). And this year, I spent part of my birthday living my dream.

I’ve always been a writer – poems and articles and songs and this blog, of course. But I decided that it’s time to dream bigger. So this year, I’ve been working on publishing my first book. I’ve been celebrating my birthday today by spending part of it  preparing my manuscript for publication.

Got to thinking-what better use for a birthday is there than using part of it to figure out what makes your heart sing and then going for it? Do I choose to live another year of fitting into other people’s ideas of what I should be? Or do I  choose to have my best year ever, living my Life Mission and becoming more perfectly me?

Lots of people live lives of quiet desperation, or sorry mediocrity. But every single one  of us has greatness within us, and every one of us can choose to live in keeping with that Light that shines within.

A birthday’s a great day to set sail on the next new adventure.

 If it’s not your birthday yet, I’ll loan you mine….

Or you can start to live your dream on the 1st of January.

Or Thanksgiving Day.

 Or  next Tuesday…

Here’s wishing us all our best year yet!”

Catherine Kane


(first published 7/23/10 on www.foresightyourctpsychic.wordpress.com)

(For the record, since this article was published, I have celebrated my 53rd birthday, published my first book “Adventures in Palmistry” and am currently hard at work/play on my second.)

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