Five More Ways to Find Time for Writing

 In a previous post (“Five Ways to Find Time for Writing”), we looked at some ways to find writing time in our hyper-busy lives.

But five ways are not enough. So here’s five more ways to find time for writing…

  • Simplify your life. Cut down or out on activities that have grown stale or meaningless to you. Look at the things you do throughout your week, and see if there are things there that don’t really matter to you and the people you care about.
  • Be ready to write. If it’ll take you 10 minutes to clear a flat space and set up a computer, you’re less likely to write, and, if you do, that’s 10 minutes that you could have been writing. If you have a designated writing space, with everything set up and ready to go, you’re more likely to take advantage of small amounts of time to write, and you’re more likely to write overall.
  • Delegate.  Do you live with family or other people, but do a majority of the household responsibilities? Well, what a great time to renegotiate the household contract! Amongst other things, it’s good for children to learn about doing chores before they move out on their own ( and it’s also healthy for them to learn that adults don’t need to sacrifice their dreams in the service of others.)
  • Swop cooking, child watching, carpooling, grocery shopping, errands or other reponsibilities with a buddy. Your chores partner doesn’t have to be another writer – he or she may want extra time to go to the gym, spa, or movies. By batching activities, it may take slightly longer per run, but you do runs less often, and it buys you large blocks of open time.
  • Stop in the middle. If you’re writing, and you stop at a stopping point, when you start again, it may take you time to figure out where you were going next. If you stop in a clear middle, when you start again, it’s clearer where you’re going and you can dive right in, without wasting time to remember what’s next (One alternative version of this is to stop at a stopping point, but leave a note on what comes next, for your next writing session.)

So, have you found your time to write yet?

Catherine Kane


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