A Wandering Poet….

I was at Lakewood Renaissance Faire last weekend when I met, by chance, with a wandering poet.

He would ask you what was your passion; what made your heart sing. Once spoken, he would match your heart to one of the poems he has written. He would recite this poem of you from memory, and give you a small written copy of it as a remembrance.

This was a lovely experience, a very vibrant and alive way to be part of poetry;

And, having asked his permission, I’d like to share it with you.

Poetry’s Purpose

There’s more to poetry
than mere words,
no matter
how well read,
or well written.
There’s more than
metaphor, simile,
alliteration, imagery;
more than verse
and meter;
than rhyme and time.
Poetry posses
a deeper soul
than any
that can be seen
upon the surface;
And it’s this deeper soul
that makes us whole,
which,  for me,
is poetry’s purpose.
Here, (beating heart)
there is no compeitition,
just community.
After all,
we’ve got poetic license,
and impunity.
So let each poet
be their best,
and play their role,
with all their heart
to make us whole.
copyright 2009 Edmund Charles Baranowski

If you liked this, and would like to see more, I’d like to invite you to visit him on www.awanderingpoet.com

Happy wandering

Catherine Kane


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