Having Fun While Doing Research…

They say “write what you know”. It’s easier to write about automobiles, television and the Internet, because both you and your reader know how these things work, so you only need a minimal amount of explanation or description.

But what if you want to write what you don’t know?…

Now you’ve got a challenge; and while you can make things up out of the whole cloth, it’s a good idea to do research, so you better know how things work and can  explain to the reader who also doesn’t know.

So, I’d like to invite you to go back in time to the renaissance at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire.

It’s a great place to learn about your classic medieval or fantasy world. Throw an axe. Chew on a turkey leg. Marvel at a minstrel.

But it also has something to teach people who are writing about non-medieval worlds. A Renaissance Faire is what is called “live immersive entertainment”. You don’t just sit back and watch it. If you let them, the characters will pull you into the story.

And what you can learn about improvisation, and character, and plot at that point is amazing, whether you’re watching someone else or are part of the story yourself.

I’m inviting you to come on down to the second weekend of the Connecticut Renaissance Faire for fun and research. Take in a show or two. Watch how the characters interact with each other, and with visitors to the shire. See what a medieval struggle between Good and Evil can teach you about your story.

Then go home and immerse yourself in your writing….

I’ll be there with my husband under the name of Foresight. I’ll have copies of “Adventures in Palmistry” available for sale to those who want them.

And I’ll be doing my research, too….

Catherine Kane


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