Faith can carry you through bad times. Bad times can inspire good writing. So, when I went through a personal dark time of the soul, it made sense to turn to Joan of Arc, another woman who went through some very challenging times…


                                                              By Catherine Kane 
“Flame of France, oh maid of Orleans,
Vessel of the Godshead’s light;
Leader of your people forward
In the cause of what was right.
Woman of uncustomed valor,
Woman of unequaled woe,
Riding forward into glory
Where the Lord told you to go.
Bravely serving King and God here
On the raging battlefield,
Sword of light and soul of splendor.
Ever onwards. Never yield.
Charged to take up manly weapons,
Maiden with a man’s estate,
Thus denied the life expected,
Blessed or curse’d to be great.
 When your comrades fell off from you,
When you lacked a stalwart friend,
When your King himself forsook you,
Tell me, did you waver then?
Long then for a home and husband
Or hold true with all your might,
Holding to the Lord as you passed
Through the flames and to the Light? “

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta have faith….

 Catherine Kane


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