“Trick or Treat!”

The original concept of “trick or treat” was that, if you didn’t give the wandering bands of children a treat, they might well play a trick on you -and not necessarily a nice one.

and so, on mischief night or Halloween itself, there were egged cars, soaped windows and trees that bore a bumper crop of toilet paper (to give just a few examples….)

This is a concept that you can bring into your writing, to make it more interesting or exciting.

Are things running too smoothly for your main character? Is the story becoming (horrors!) boring?…

Then it might be time to play a trick on him or her – do something to make him uncomfortable, inconvenienced, angry or unhappy.

Toilet paper his life. That’ll stir things up.

Contrariwise, is your plot so wild, active and scattered that it’s hard to read and exhausting to follow?

Give your character (and your reader) a treat. Give him a slight bit of sanctuary or peace where he can draw breath and focus- before you send him off on the next leg of his journey.

Tricks and treats create contrast in action, which makes a story easier and more enjoyable to read.

So what tricks or treats lie in store for your characters?

Catherine “fun sized” Kane



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