“A Physic for the Body Made Unwhole…”

We’re heading into the cold and flu season now, with all of associated aches and pains and misery that that entails. Here’s an English sonnet I wrote in February of 1996 about a very different ailment. 

A physic for the body made unwhole
An alchemist may blend with skill and speed.
To make a physic for the aching soul
Is something very different indeed.
No herbs can fill the void within the soul.
no potions cause the lonlinesss to cease.
No ointment make the broken spirit whole
And no elixir bring the patient peace.
Yet thoughtfulness can bring the heart relief,
and caring can asuage the spirit’s pain,
 And joy can pierce the heart of any grief,
And love can cause the soul to heal again;
So, sweet physician; lend thy skill to me.
Perform thy art and thou shalt have thy fee.

So, have you had your flu shot yet?

Catherine Kane


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