Games Writers Play – Mall Watch

Even when you’re not at the keyboard, there are things a writer to do to build writer skills.

Here’s one now.

We’re heading into the holiday shopping season, so a lot more folks will be heading out to the malls.

In between your shopping, try taking a little time to sit down and do a little people watching. Look at the people passing by, and try and make up the most interesting stories you can about them.

Is that man the missing heir to a small balkan country?

Is one of those children a hobbit in disguise?

Is that woman harboring a deep and dark secret? And what might that be?

Just playing with the posibilities can free your mind for building better stories as a writer.

This game can be played at any time of year in any place with lots of people, but it’s perfect for the malls at this time of year.

So sit back and play- and make yourself a better writer…

Catherine Kane


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