Gifts for the Holidays – 4 Gift Ideas from the World of Personal Growth

Still working on that holiday list? Here’s another post from my business blog at to keep you going…

“Well, we’re past black Friday and the holiday shopping season is now officially in full swing. But the mall isn’t the only way to make your presents felt  

 Last week, we looked at some ideas for gift giving from the field of alternative health. Let’s take a look at gifts from the area of personal growth this time around.

The gift of knowledge-

The journey of  a million miles begins with a single step… and many times, that first step is learning about what you want to accomplish.

If you’ve got someone on your list who’s contemplating doing something they’ve always wanted to, but haven’t had the courage to before, one great way to start is books or classes on their passion ( Be sure your gift is on on what your recipiant wants, as opposed to what people think he or she should want…)

The tools of the trade-

When you’re developing a new skill or practice, there are often a lot of things that you need to get started, and more that will make it easier. Pens or a flash drive for a budding author. Paints and brushes for an artist. A snazzy sweat suit for the person looking to get in shape.

A gift of the tools makes it easier to move forwards.

The time to follow a dream- 

Many times, people don’t make the changes they need to or follow their dreams because “real life gets in the way” and they don’t think they have the time.

If you’ve got someone who’s dreams are on the back burner because of time, is there something you could do for this person so they could free up time to write music, learn French or dance the tango? (This could be the most important gift that they ever receieve…)

The gift of support- Finally, many people never pursue their dreams because they seem to be impossible- and your support can be the one thing they need to live those dreams.

Tell him you believe in him. Make a big jar full of folded slips of paper with “You can do it” on every one. Give her  an “I believe in you and your dreams” plaque. Go to  and create a “World Famous Author/Painter/Flamenco Dancer/ (Insert Your Passion Here)” t-shirt or ball cap. Be his or her fan club.

There’s four ways that you can give a gift of personal growth and a better life. And we’ve got more ideas coming your way soon.”

So, if you’ve got someone on your list who’s chasing a dream, have you thought of how your gift could support that?…

Catherine Kane


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