For That Matter, What to Give a Writer……

 Well, we’re well into the holiday season  now, and, whether you celebrate Christmas or Hannukah or Yule or Solstice or Saturnalia or something else that I’m not thinking of at the moment, you’ve probably got at least one person who cares about you and would like to know what you’d like to recieve as a gift.

And that’s worth spending a moment thinking about.

Heck, we all love sweaters and food baskets and decorative throw pillows, but wouldn’t it be nice to get something that acknowledged that you were a writer, and showed that the giver supported that? And, while it’d be wonderful if your loved one was inspired to give you  the exact thing that sets your writing on fire, the truth is that most of us are just doing the best we can, but aren’t sure what exactly that is (and that includes we writers who are looking for gifts for other writers……)

What’s the ideal gift for a writer? Well, given that we’re all a bunch of rampant individualists, your mileage may vary and there is no one gift perfect for every writer. Here’s a list of possibilities though, to get your thinking started –

  • Tools- pens, paper, journals, flash drives
  • Reference materials (in your genre) – books, classes, magazines, online access
  • Computer equipment – programs, extension cords, travel cases, computers themselves
  • Sustenance- coffee cups, gift cards for coffee, pastry, lunch; or a promise to run for frapaccinos when a deadline is on
  • Inspiration – writer paraphanelia (check out and search “writer” for some fun)

Last week, we talked about ways to make your environment support you as a writer. If you thought about that for yourself, there are some good gift ideas in there too…

So, in amongst writing the epic novel and getting your own shopping done, give a moment of thought to what gift would really make your life as a writer easier/ more fun/ more efficient/ more inspired. And then be prepared to hint subtly, dramatically, or pass over a list to those who honestly want to give you something meaningful.

All we’re asking for is a clue here….

Catherine “jingling all the way” Kane


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