Ten Ways to Write When You Don’t Have Time to Write (Holiday Edition)

There are a lot of people in the world who would like to be writers, or are thinking about being writers, or are warming up to being writers…

But the only way to really be a writer is to sit down and write.

A lot.

And to be a good writer, it’s important to be writing on a regular basis, to keep building and refining skills, to get better at your art.

But what do you do if it’s some time busy ( say the week before Christmas) and you don’t have time to write?

You write anyway…

But, you do it differently. You find ways to incorporate writing into what time you have; to pack it into little gaps of open minutes, or build holiday traditions that happen to incorporate writing, or use your writing to celebrate the season.

Such as :


  1. Write early in the morning or late at night;
  2. Listen to Christmas carols as lessons in telling a tight story without wasted words;
  3. Volunteer to jazz up the family holiday letter;
  4. Read an article on writing while waiting for the holiday movie to start;
  5. Wax flamboyant on your holiday cards;
  6. Read a Christmas story aloud and listen to the rhythm of the words;
  7. Scribble in your journal while waiting to pick the kids up at the mall;
  8. Imagine how you’d describe the scene around you while waiting in line for Santa;
  9. Write a note for each important person in your life, telling them how they have made a difference to you;
  10. Play a progressive story telling game at a family gathering – all ages can play;

There’s lots of ways to bring your writing into this busy time of year, and to bring the holidays into your writing.

Catherine Kane


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