Things Found in a Market Place (Riddles)

In the current days, riddles are usually quick little jokes that often involve elephants or chickens. 

In ancient times, however, riddles were complex puzzles, often in verse, that exercised the mind and offered entertainment and a challenge to the members of a court or household.

Today, I’d like to offer you a challenge…

Today’s post are three riddles written as part of a contest for a medieval re-enactment event. The topic, as in the title, is things found in a marketplace,

and the answers are not in this post….

I’d like to invite you to see if you can solve these three riddles. Please post your answers as comments on this post, so we can see how people are doing.

The answers will be posted on Tuesday, together with my congratulations to anyone who’s suceeded.

And now, the riddles…

Beware my keen and cutting wit
Lest you should feel the edge of it
Though sharp my tongue, I’ll serve you well
From morning song to dinner bell.
Within the world, a crystal sea;
Within the sea, a sun;
When riven is the world at last
A new life is begun.
Behold the flocks of elvenkind, so soft and snowy-white,
They see the Good Folk fed and clothed in rainements of light,
And Ariel on panpipes wild will trill a lullaby
To sooth the grazing elf-flock in the pastures of the sky.

Hope that you have fun with these.

Catherine Kane


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3 Responses to Things Found in a Market Place (Riddles)

  1. fairbetty says:

    The second one is an egg 🙂 and I’m guessing the third one is clouds, though that seems to simple. Not sure about the first one… the first thing that comes to mind is cheese… it’s sharp… anyhow… those are my guesses.

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