Anthem for A Used Book Paradise

Good writers are often great readers. And a good book store (especially a good used book store) is a pearl above price.

One such pearl is the Book Barn, a string of three different locations selling used books and media. It’s full of curious buildings, winding paths, cats, funny signs and booksbooksbooks

And it has its own anthem (reprinted with permission)

The Book Barn Anthem – Updated Version


(To the Tune of “I am the Very Model of the Modern Major General”)
We are the very model of the local book emporium;
We’ve lots of little buildings and a barn that has three storium;
More books than you’d be finding in a middle-age scriptorium;
We even have a catalogue that shows the different floorium.
We’ll be lining books on all the shelves in order alphabetical:
Some sacred, some are secular, and others quite heretical;
So many books that people coming in feel nearly overwhelmed;
The prices are so low that only rarely are we undersellmed.
The main floor of the Barn is where the books on war are showing up;
On ammunition, battles and whatever’s always blowing up;
The books that show you how to be a gardener or an architect;
The books on art from Roman times to Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.
The upper floor has kiddy books and antiques and collectables;
The books on murders, frauds and every type of crime detectables;
Psychology and pregnancy and titles inspirational;
And books on death and dying if you’re feeling expirational.
The cellar’s got the history from ancient times to news event;
Biographies of presidents from Washington to Roosevent;
Medieval times and Renaissance and of the Greeks belated news;
And books on genealogy to show who you’re related tos.
The Annex has the fiction, romance, reference and anthologies;
The foreign language lesson books, from Mandarin to Portuguese;
The poetry from Whitman’s Leaves to Coleridge’s Xanadu;
And novels from the classics up to Shipping News by Annie Proulx.
The Haunted has the Sherlock Holmes and mysteries canonical;
The techno-thrillers written by the authors testeronical;
The little-known and Pattersons, the ones that made the man so rich;
Sue Grafton alphabetical and numbered by Evanovich.
The Last Page books will help you choose your fishing rods and golfing tees,
Or tell you if your puppy’s a Chihuahua or a Bichon Frise;
The travel books from Sweden on to Texas Curiosities;
And books on guns and knives if you’re indulging animosities.
The Underworld we’ve only had the time to fix subjetical;
The genre books are not yet in their order alphabetical.
We try to keep it up and not to let it be a dumping ground,
But confusion’s such you sometimes hear the clients make a grumping sound.
The Downtown store has drama books from Shakespeare back to Sophocles,
And books to let you know if your triangle is isosceles,
The books on Krishnamurti and theology Jesuitical,
And physics books with model universe paradigmitical.
And now we have the Midtown shop to add to your trajectory:
More novels and more kiddy books and novels of detectory;
More romance books to let you swim in love’s bright sweet entrancing pool;
We’re in the alley right behind the Arthur Murray Dancing School.
There’s more but I will stop before the song becomes a borium;
It’s rather rude to sing a song that’s writ to your own glorium,
But short in all the matters that are bookish and biblorium
We are the very model of the local book emporium.

It’s the kind of place where I can (and have) wandered around for hours, breaking out regularly with cries of delight. (It’s true. Just ask my husband)

So if you like books, I’d advise you to visit the Book Barn in Niantic

Feel free to hum the anthem as you do…

Catherine Kane


For more information on Catherine’s books, “Adventures in Palmistry” or “The Practical Empath – Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath”, click here

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