Writing with Your Tribe

Sitting in a writing group a few weeks ago, enjoying the company of my tribe and people companionably pecking away at computers together, coffee or yoghurt smoothies close at hand.

At its heart, writing is a solitary practice but there’s a lot that a writer can get out of participation in a group.

Some offer the silent companionship of people all writing together, where the fact that people around you are writing gives you energy and motivation to write too. Some offer the fellowship of people who also write and understand your trials, challenges and triumphs. Some offer experience, with fellow writers who have insight and ideas for the challenges that you meet as a writer. Some offer instruction or critique, to help you improve your skills as a writer. Some offer fun, a night out with the people of your tribe, and energy that you can take away and feed into your writing.

Some are flexible and accomodate individual schedules and needs.

And only you can decide what you yourself need out of a writing group as a writer.

In the act of writing, ultimately it is you alone with the paper or the computer screen. But it’s also important to find your tribe, that group of people who will help and support you in your calling as a writer, whether you meet with them in person or online or both.

So who is your tribe? What do you need from a writer’s group? And where do you plan to find them?…

Catherine Kane


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6 Responses to Writing with Your Tribe

  1. Janhankster says:

    Finding a writing group has been one of the best things that I’ve ever done regarding my writing. They have supported me when I was a crazy mother w/a crazy teenage boy, when I hated my job, when I went back to school full-time. Yes, we definitely know the personal sides of each others lives, but we have also persistently pursued the practice of writing and all types of genres. Thanks.

    • A group you can count on is a pearl above price. If, as a writer, you can’t find a group, it’s good to at least find a writing buddy or two. Writers need the company and companionship of thise who understand them 🙂

      • Janhankster says:

        My group has been together a little over 6-7 years, we can’t quite remember the date. It’s been truly a gift in so many ways. We are all very protective of ourselves and the work that we do. Thanks, Jan

  2. How wonderful! I’ve recently come to a parting of the ways with one group, but I have another writing group that helps to encourage and inspire me and that’s a great thing.

    Catherine Kane

  3. Janhankster says:

    Good luck with your new group. The important thing is to keep on writing. It especially helps to find a group of like minds. You all don’t have to agree, but they have to stimulate your writing in some way.

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