Things You Learn in School – Italian Sonnets

Spanish sonnets. English sonnets. Spencerian sonnets. And now, lets try of one more flavor of sonnet – the Italian or Petrachan sonnet.

As with all sonnets, we need to make use of our old friend, iambic pentameter.

This sonnet is divided into two parts. The first eight lines (the octave) have a rhyme scheme of

abba  abba

The last six lines (the sextet) has two or three rhymes and the rhyme scheme can fall in a number of different patterns. Some options are :

  • cdcdcd
  • cddcdc
  • cdecde
  • cdeced
  • cdcedc

which gives you a lot of interesting choices to make.

For an example of an Italian sonnet, please see my post on 3/2/12

Have you tried writing a sonnet yet?…

Catherine Kane


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