Start with What Speaks to You (Writing Quick Tip)

Start at the beginning, go to the end and then stop.”
Alice in Wonderland

You don’t have to, you know. You can start writing wherever you want.

You can start with what speaks to you…

When you’re writing something large, like a book or a novel, build yourself an outline or plan first, so you know what you’re starting with, where you’re going and roughly how you’re going to get there.

Then, once you have your plan, start working on whatever part seems juicy and exciting to you. Just start writing. Starting with what excites you will give you the energy to make some serious inroads into what needs to be written; and, since different things will be exciting to you at different times, a majority of the work will get done before you have to deal with any final little fiddly details.

You may even find that all of it is exciting to you at one stage or another.

When writing out of order, you may find that, when you’re finished, you have to rewrite some things to make it all come together and mesh. That’s ok – you’ll usually need to do some rewrites anyway when you edit, and your outline is there to make sure that nothing gets lost just because you wrote it out of order. The time you spend in re-writes to make the story flow are still far less than the time you’d waste sitting and staring at an empty screen because you can’t figure out how to get things started.

So, start with what speaks to you, and pull it all together as you go on.

Catherine Kane


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