Leave the Research Til Later (Writing Quick Tip)

I’m not saying that you should not know what you’re talking about before you write something. This tip is referring more to the situation where you’re writing along at a good clip on a story that inspires you or a topic that you know well and all at once, you realize that there is some relatively small detail that you don’t know for sure.

  • What is the name of the opera house in Sydney Australia?
  • Which direction do jar lids unscrew?
  • Who was president in 1947?

Something like that.

Now, if you’re detail oriented, you’re going to be tempted to immediately put down your pen or get up from your keyboard and research it all. Thoroughly.

Don’t do it. Especially if you’re on a roll, and the text is rolling out of you with speed and style and grace, don’t do it.

Interrupting your train of thought may lose your momentum, and make you lose track of the flow and the flavor of your writing.

Instead, just install a bookmarker. Write NAME OF OPERA HOUSE HERE in a font or method that makes it easy to find later on (I like a contrasting color). Then write yourself out until the story’s finished or the prose has stopped flowing for the moment.

That’s  the time to go back and do your detail research.

To everything there is a time, and a purpose under heaven” and this timing will help you get the best out of your writing

Catherine Kane


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