What makes you a writer?

Writing, actually…

Unfortunately, there are thousands of things out there in the world that want to distract you from writing.

  • TV
  • Social media
  • Jobs
  • Sleep
  • Parties
  • Raiding the fridge
  • Family commitments
  • Going out

You know – stuff.

Now, all of those things are just fine- but if you want to be a writer, you need to get past them, sit down and actually throw some words on paper or on a screen

And one of the ways to do that is to know your distractions…

Catherine Kane


For more information on Catherine’s books, “Adventures in Palmistry”, “The Practical Empath – Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath”, her urban fantasy “The Lands That Lie Between”  and her new book “Manifesting Something Better” all from Foresight Publications, click here

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