Distractions – First Things First

In the previous article on distractions (May 3 “Distractions- Know Your Distractions.”), we talked about identifying what distracts you as the first step in dealing with what’s keeping you from writing. Many fine people start out meaning to write, but get distracted by the many other things, people and experiences that fill the world around them.

They get distracted and they never quite get to actually writing. Does that sound like your experience?

In the previous post, I asked you to make a list of the top ten things that get in the way of your writing, and then spend a week watching yourself to see if there are other things that belong on that list.

If you didn’t get distracted from this, you should have a list that distract you from writing. Do you have a list? If not, you might want to stop reading this for a minute and start a list now.

Go ahead- I’ll wait…


Ok- got your list? Make sure you keep track of it, as there are seveal ways you can use this to kick your writing into overdrive.

One of the simplest ways you can use this list of distractions is to remember to do first things first. If you know that Facebook or cleaning house or talking on the phone with friends will distract you or eat up time that you’d like to use for writing, make sure you plan time to write first. Write a chapter before you check your email. Write 5 pages before you call your chatty friend. Finish that chase scene before you turn on the TV

When you put your writing first, it gets done- and there’s still time for other things too.

Watch for more ways to overcome distractions coming up soon…

Catherine Kane


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