Be Anti Social II (Writing Quick Tip)

Are you fond of social media such as Facebook or Twitter?

Me too; but if you’re trying to get something done, including writing, social media is the black hole that can suck down your entire day, leaving you wondering “Where did my time go and why haven’t I gotten anything done?”

If, like me, you’re on a tight deadline, or trying to knock out another three chapters this week, but, like so many of us, you’re addicted to pictures of cute cats and hearing what your friends and family are up to, you need to make a tough and ruthless choice.

Let me state the obvious.

Be anti-social.

Turn the world of social media off for a little while until you hit your goal.

Turn off Facebook. Better yet, don’t turn it on, or stay offline until you’ve hit the next benchmark in your writing (unless you’re making an entry on an online site, you can stay offline and just work on your piece.)

You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll accomplish and how much faster the writing will go if you’re not being distracted- and the cats and friends will still be there when you get done

(For more details on the benefits of being antisocial while writing, check out the previous post Be Anti Social on 1/17/13)

Catherine Kane


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