Be Anti Social III (Writing Quick Tip)

We’ve talked about the benefits of being antisocial in a controlled manner in order to get some writing done. Not to abandon your life and become a hermit, but rather to cut off the constant stream of information for awhile in order to make some space for you and your Muse.

But sometimes that doesn’t work so well. Sometimes the phone won’t stop ringing, or the cat keeps walking across your keyboard, or your kids have attacks of the “whiney-clingies”, or everyone in the entire cosmos wants “just a little piece of you.”

Well all of those things and people are important- but your writing is too. Sometimes to make a little space for it, you may have to flee the premises for a little while.

Stop at a coffee shop for 1/2 hour on your way home from work. Go to the library or a fast food restaurant. Borrow the use of a cabin or a tent for a day from a friend.Lock yourself in the bathroom with a netbook.

All of those people, things and cats are important bits of your life that need your attention. Your writing is too. And sometimes you may have to be elsewhere to spend time with your writing, and give other time to the other parts of your life. Having time to focus on your writing means that you’re less likely to be pulled in two directions when you’re spending time with the people you love.

So find your balance. Be anti social so you can be better at being social.

Catherine Kane


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