Filk – Pick Something Folks Can Sing Along With

If you want to entertain people, one of the best ways to do this is to get them to sing along. Singing along lets people be part of the performance. It draws them into your musical world and makes them a part of it. It lets them feel creative and talented and silly and fun and like part of something much bigger.

A good song where you and the audience can sing together is a crowd pleaser, and when the audience is happy with themselves, they’ll be happy with you too

To encourage singing along

  • Know you audience and what kinds of songs they’re likely to know. (Ex: Don’t pick folk songs from the 60s for a teen crowd)
  • Pick a particular song that you think your audience is likely to already know well
  • Pick a song in a middle range- if its too high or too low, you’re limiting who’ll be able to sing along
  • Pick a song with a chorus, so they’ll get a chance to get on board by the end of the song
  • Use the same words in the chorus each time to give your audience a chance to pick them up

If you get our audience singing, your success is their success and they’ll love you for it.

Catherine Kane


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