One Adventure Ends- But The Next One Is Coming

The Robin Hood Springtime Festival is over until the next year- but the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire is on it’s way. Just under two weeks from now,  Warsaw Park in Ansonia comes alive with elves and orcs, fairies and goblins, animal kin, dwarves and magick

And I’ll be there as one of the psychics of Foresight

The Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire  runs for three weekends June 21-22, 28-29 and July 5-6. The faire is open from 11-6:30, with special night time shows on Saturdays from 7-9.

Want to know more? Then click here

Then join us at the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire

Catherine Kane


For more information on Catherine’s books, “Adventures in Palmistry”, “The Practical Empath – Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath”, “The Lands That Lie Between”, “Manifesting Something Better” and her new book “The Power of Your Psychic Dreams” , all from Foresight Publications, click here


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