The “Fall of Society” !!!!!

Got into a discussion in an online writer’s group with a woman who was deathly afraid of self publishing

She went so far as to insist that, if traditional publishing declined and “that awful self publishing everyone is talking about” became more active, it would “literally mean the end of literature and the fall of society” and that this was “no exaggeration”


And “no exaggeration”


I tried to gently point out that we had had both literature and society long before what we now think of as traditional publishing had even been a gleam in anyone’s eye. I gave her a list of classic literature that had been self published.

Nope. She wasn’t having any of it

She kept falling into the idea that people only self published because they weren’t good enough to traditionally publish. That all self publishing was crap and that all traditional publishing was great because an editor looked at it. (Never mind the classics such as Huckleberry Finn or What Color is Your Parachute that were self published; or the number of pretty awful books that come out of traditional houses these days)

Wow again.

Just my viewpoint, but I think if you’re in a writer’s group, you should be able to write and should know the actual definitions of words like “literally” and “exaggeration”.

I also think it’s important to know that the world of words is changing, and that you need to keep up with things if you actually want to write and publish.

I feel sorry for her, because her fear has blinded her, and it will make it much harder for her to tell stories so that other folks can hear her

Lesson to me though. There are things that I need to learn and to do if I am to send my own stories out into the world, and it’s sometimes hard for me to move out of my own comfort zone to do so.

I’ll have to remember that-

Catherine Kane


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