Play With Blocks (Writing Quick Tip)

When you’re not a full time writer, you have to fit writing in around all of the zillion and a half other things clamoring for your attention in your life. (Even if you are a full time writer, this still is true.)

This mean that you’ll end up doing 5 minutes of writing here and 20 there, and an hour and a half if you’re lucky.

But did you ever notice that, as a writer, you have warm up and cool down time?

Whenever you start to write, it takes a certain amount of time (different for every writer) to get your head in the right space and start writing. It also takes a certain amount of time to stop, as you tie off loose ends and come to a stopping point.

These times are an essential part of the writing process, but they’re also times when you’re not writing or not writing to your full capacity.

Why does that matter?

Because the warm up/ cool down happens every time you sit down to write.

Say your warm up/ cool down takes 5 minutes. That means that if you squeeze in writing 12 short breaks a day, you’ll be using up an hour in warm ups/cool downs, whereas, if you group your writing in 2 big blocks, you’re only losing 10 minutes a day to prep and wind down

Don’t get me wrong- it is better to write than not, and if you have to do a bunch of little writing blips a day, better that than no writing-

but take a look at your schedule and see if there are ways to stack your writing into longer blocks- because you’ll get more writing done that way.

Catherine Kane


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