A “Real Writer”

Was on a FB writing group last week and found myself in the middle of a whole big wrangle about what makes someone a “real writer”.

One woman rather self importantly announced that, unless you wrote books and were traditionally published and had sold a certain amount of books, and had so many reviews, and could make your living writing, unless you did all of those things, she didn’t consider you a “real writer”.

Well, my goodness….

Well, when in doubt, consult the experts. Upon opening up my copy of the America Heritage Dictionary of the English Language,  I find that the official definition of “writer” is “A person who has written”


Now, don’t get me wrong here. I think that publishing (traditionally or otherwise) and selling and making a living are all very nice things and are important parts of being a successful professional author, but they may or may not be necessary parts of the act of being a writer.

To be a writer, what you need to do is write.

So if someone tells you that you don’t count as a writer because you haven’t jumped through enough hoops yet, tell them they’re wrong.

If you’ve written, you’re a writer.

You can look it up…

Catherine Kane


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