Three Quarters of the Way Through…

…. and still turning out the word count.

How’s your NaNo going?

We’re at the end of the 3rd week out of four of NaNoWrimo, and if things are going well for you, words should be flowing out of your fingertips and filling up the pages

I’ve been writing isolated scenes of my story as they appeal to me, and the various vignettes are beginning to connect up and head towards being a more coherent whole. You may be writing in points of interest like I am, chronologically or even back to front. It’s all good- if it’s a way of structuring your writing that works for you, go for it, and don’t worry about what the guy next to you is doing

By the end of today, to stay on schedule, you and I both need to log a little over 35,000 words total.  Piece of cake! And if we’re not quite there, we have 10 more days to pour on the juice and turn out the story.

Hang in there and keep writing!


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