4 Ways to Make Writing Your Holiday Gift

We’ve talked about gifts for writers. Now let’s look at ways you can make writing your gift for the holidays.

Write a Poem- Write a sonnet or a limerick or an epic saga in honor of your recipient or of the holiday season. (There are articles about how to write some forms of poetry on this blog.) Print it out nicely and present it rolled up in a scroll tied up with a bow.

Family letter- Write a family letter that gives the people who love you a window into how this year has been in your life (particularly the people who live far away or don’t see you very often) Tell them about your challenges, your triumphs, the things that have been hard for you. Be funny, sincere, or philosophical, and let them be a part of the life you lead

Letter of Appreciation- There are people in all of our lives that make a difference to us, but we often forget to tell them. Tell them now. Write a letter to the folks who have taught you things, supported you when you needed it, made you laugh or dream or think. Let them know how they’ve affected your life

Love letter-  As long as we’re writing letters, why not write a love letter? Whether it’s a spouse, a boy friend or girl friend, a child, or a parent, spell it out. Tell them that you love them, and make a list of some of the great reasons why. Prepare for blushes, giggles, and possibly having the stuffing hugged out of you.

Dedicate your work to them-  A book. An article. Almost anything you write. There are people in the world who have made it possible for you to write, so why not tell the world?

It’s not too late to turn your writing into a wonderful gift for someone.

Catherine Kane


For more information on Catherine’s books, “Adventures in Palmistry”, “The Practical Empath – Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath”, “Manifesting Something Better” ,“The Psychic Power of Your Dreams”, her urban fantasy “The Lands That Lie Between”,   and her new book “Magick for Pennies”, all from Foresight Publications, click here

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