Whose Your Grammar?

Lots of discussions online lately about the question of grammar. Some love it, some hate it. Some say everything you write should have perfect grammar, since as a writer you’re supposed to write well. Some say that finished works are one thing, but that the standards are more relaxed for the casual setting of online posts. Some see themselves as the grammar police, there to correct those who break the rules, and some see themselves as bohemians or rebels, who “don’t need no stinkin’ grammar”…

Where do you stand on this?

I personally think that, to write well, you need to know the rules of good grammar. That being said, I think there are many occasions where breaking the rules of grammar may be the right choice to achieve a certain effect. To build tension. To reflect conversation accurately.  To give a cue to a character’s personality

And I’m one of those folks who doesn’t feel you need perfect grammar for a casual FB post (and was kind of surprised to run into people who did)

Where does grammar fall in your writing practice?

Catherine Kane


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