Reading Bad Books

When you’re learning to write, you’re always told to read great writing- that reading the masters will teach you a lot about mastering your craft.

Well, that’s true- but have you thought for a moment about what reading bad books can teach you?…

Have been to a number of library book sales lately and have come home with a lot of books, some of which are better than others (some of which indeed are already in the pile to go to the used book store on my next visit.)

What can reading bad books teach us? Well, amongst other things

  • If there is no conflict, there is no story.
  • We can connect with a flawed character, but not with an unlikable one.
  • If it all works out too easily, we don’t believe it.
  • There are no perfect people- so there are no perfect characters either.
  • A story is about growth. If the character is the same at the end of the book as they were at the beginning, there’s not much of a story there.
  • Don’t fall in love with your characters. To tell a decent story, you may have to treat them roughly.
  • Make your points ones that your average reader can connect with.

What have you learned from reading bad books?

Catherine Kane


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