The Writing Process- Size Matters

The next question is “Do you know what size you want your book to be?”

There are some things I didn’t realize about books until I started self publishing, but they’re things that you’re gonna want to know if you want to bring out a book that looks professional.

1) Chapters always start on a right hand page and end on a left handed one.

This doesn’t mean that you write totally based on whether you’re bringing out a paperback, a trade paperback, a hard cover or something else. It does mean that, as you’re writing, it’s good how your work will look when you’re finished. If you end a chapter on a left hand page, you’re gonna want to leave a blank page ad start the next chapter on the next left handed one. If you end up with one or two words overlapping onto that left hand page, you may want to take a look at your writing to see if a different word, phrase or word over will avoid that awkward overlap.

2) When you’re self publishing, many printers charge by the page.

This means that you want to write the book you want to write, but you don’t want waste pages (such as the two word left page overlap, which will leave you paying for two extra pages.)

For these reasons, and more, it’s a good idea to write your book on the page size you expect to publish on.

  • Set the pages on your word processor for the size of your book
  • Consult your print on demand company for their recommendations for margin sizes

You may choose to skip this step, but I find that it lets me see how my book will look as I write it, and saves me a lot of time and trouble when I get to editing and formatting

What size of book are you thinking about writing?….

Catherine Kane


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