Self Publishers Try Harder (or Should..)

Cruising the online writing groups the other day. Came across a thread where one person said that people who self publish needed to work twice as hard as those traditionally published to turn out something of excellence.

Well! A lot of conversation happened then. People saying it’s not fair. People saying all self publishing is garbage. People saying you should write what you feel and to heck with anyone who doesn’t like it People talking about other people who self published their rough draft with no editing or polishing at all.

Lot of cackling

Now, as you may have figured out, I don’t think that self publishing is all garbage. If I did, I wouldn’t do it. I think you find both good and bad writing in self publishing and in traditional publishing as well.

I would agree that self publishers really need to work extra hard to make sure the best books possible.

In the past, self publishing was the refuge of people who weren’t good enough to get published any other way and developed a bad reputation because of that. As the world of publishing is changing, more and more excellent authors are self publishing, more and more good books are self published and the reputation of self publishing is gradually changing…

…but not everyone is up to speed yet. Some people are still stuck in the out of date belief that all self publishing is vanity publishing and a sign that you’re not good enough, and that traditional publishing is an automatic sign of excellence (ignoring things like Twilight and 50 Shades…) The reputation of self publishing is changing for the better but its a gradual process

What I believe is that, since we self publishers have so much to overcome in outmoded beliefs, it’s important for us to work doubly hard to put out excellent books that look professional, so that we don’t give support to the “all self publishing is crap” school of thought and so we help move the reputation of self publishing forwards to where it belongs.

We have to do our best- and that makes a lot of sense to me

What’s your thoughts on whether self publishers need to work extra hard to turn out good books?

Catherine Kane


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