Beware of Pseudo Writing Oppurtunities

Saw another post yesterday from someone who was offering people a chance to get published regularly and get more exposure for their writing. He wanted people to contact him privately by email.

I’ve been seeing a lot of these lately. Let me give you a heads up about what may be going on here.

When a person is looking for submissions and asks you to email him privately, sometimes it’s because he only wants to talk to folks who are seriously interested. Sometimes it’s because he wants to minimize the involvement of trolls. Both of those are appropriate reasons to email privately

However, sometimes they do this so they can get you donate a lot of work for free, or even con you into paying them. In this case, they want to talk privately because if they do it out in the light of day, more experienced writers may tell you what’s wrong with their plan

As I said, there are some reasons why it’s appropriate for an editor to speak privately with folks, but if it’s a straight forwards arrangement, such an editor should never have a problem with answering general questions, such as ‘Are you paying?” publicly. If they won’t, or if they become verbally aggressive when asked professional questions politely, that is a big red flag

(and a post from an editor full of problems with spelling, grammar or comprehensive writing is also a trouble sign)

It’s perfectly ok to write for free if that’s what you want to do, but be aware that the word “exposure” may mean a lot of work but not many  benefits to you, unless you have a plan

Hope that clarifies things a bit

Catherine Kane


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