You Need To Write Every Day….

..or maybe you don’t.

One of the first bits of advice you’ll get when you’re starting out as a writer is that, if you want to be a serious writer, you should write every day. “Write every day!” cry the books on writing and the writing teachers and the people giving advice in the writing groups.

Well, there’s some truth in this…but it doesn’t mean that it’s totally true….

Why do people tell you to write every day? Well, if you want to write well, especially if you want to write professionally, you need to learn and build writer skills. Half of that is learning how writing works, whether from books or classes or other sources. The other half is by practicing.

Practice, practice, practice. Write, write, write. Just like any other skill, you have to do it to get better at it, and the more you do it, the better your chances of getting really good at it and the faster you get there.

And here’s where we get to “write every day”

It takes time to start a new habit, including the habit of writing regularly; and if (like most of us) you’re not possessed of iron  discipline, things will happen to get in the way of that

Fun things. Catastrophes. Distractions. Temptations.

and six months from now, you’ll be looking back and saying “wy haven’t I written anything?”

So people will tell you to write every day because doing something everyday is the easiest way to develop a new habit without backsliding.

But it’s not the only way.

If your life isn’t conducive to writing every day, there are other ways to write regularly and build a habit of writing. You can:

  • write every other day
  • set yourself a word count/page count goal to complete every week
  • set aside a block of writing time once a week and send your family to the movies
  • join a writing group and get together once a week or every other week to sit with them in a cafe and write in companionable silence
  • make productivity commitments to friends or on FB and have people checking up on your progress

I’ll be working at a ren faire this and next weekend. My Saturday and Sunday will be working the faire, selling my books, coming home to eat and do laundry and then falling into bed. Little to no writing will get done on those days- but I’ll keep on writing on other days

I have another book that wants to meet the world…

If you can write everyday, that’s great; but if you can’t, don’t throw up your hands and give up. There’s more than one way to build writer skills…

Catherine Kane


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