What’ll You Have?….

“A good writer is like a machine. You put coffee in one end and books come out the other…”

I’m not sure who first said that, but it is true that many writers have beverages that they swear by. Coffee’s a crowd favorite, and many people like tea, but there’s other writer’s drinks as well

And there’s a reason for that. Several reasons, actually…

First, dehydration makes you slow and stupid, whereas having enough liquids in the system gives your brain what it needs to write

Second, caffeine and sugar are often the jet fuel that empowers writers to Do Great Things

But finally, a particular drink can be part of a personal writing ritual. In it’s simplest form, a ritual is a routine you go through to get your head into the space for a particular task. If you drink coffee (or te, or water, or…) every time you write, sooner or later, you’ll find that drinking coffee shoots you into writer mode. You’ve built a pattern that signals your body mind and spirit that ow it’s time to write and it makes it much easier to break into that space when you want to

For quite awhile, a writing group I attended met at Panera’s and I always had a black cherry smoothie. After awhile, if I found myself with writer’s block, all I had to do was go get that smoothie and the flood gates would open again

Think about it. What’s your writer’s drink?

Catherine Kane


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