Back To School

Ran into an interesting  young lady online the other day who was working on a degree in writing.  She had read someplace that Stephen King had said that classes in creative writing were a waste of time because they distracted you from actually writing. She had  already decided that the class on writing she’s doing next was going to be useless to her as a writer.


With respect to both this young lady and Mr King, writing is not an “and/or” practice. You can learn by writing and getting the practice. You can learn by studying the works of others and adding more methods and techniques to your toolbox. You can learn from good writers and you can learn from bad ones. You can learn from books and classes and blogs like this one and from watching the world around you.

About the only way that you can’t learn is to chose not to. And to decide that no one can teach you any thing

I’m learning everyday. I hope that something in this young lady’s life will wake her up to the fact that she’s still got something to learn herself.

I hope that you keep learning too

Catherine Kane


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