Moving Forwards Again

Chaos continues to visit at the house of Kane. Even though the faires have ended for the moment, one thing after another keeps hitting the fan, and the stress level is right up there.

It’s like being nibbled to death by baby ducks

Now I find that stress distracts me when I’m trying to write. It’s hard to keep  my focus on my topic when my brain is racing from problem to problem, looking for solution after solution

Despite this, though, my writer-y brain is beginning to kick into gear again. Slow and creaky gear, but gear nonetheless.

I got 2 chapters rough drafted last weekend. I got another one so far this  week and am well into a second. And my mind is beginning to list topic points and organize them while I drive from place to place

Conan the Barbarian said “Dat which does not kill me makes me stronger…” I’m gonna consider all the chaos in the midst of my writing a workout for my author muscles

Write on

Catherine Kane


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