Writers Need Role Models…

..and I’ve just added a new one to my list.

I’ve admired the work of Tanya Huff for many years now, and was tickled that I’d get a chance to hear her talk at Pi-Con this past weekend. I knew she was a great writer, but what I hadn’t realized was that she is also a wonderful person.

Pi-Con gave me a chance to discover that. She

  • knew what she was talking about but didn’t come across as stuffy or self important
  • was approachable and easy to talk to
  • told stories about herself and her life, and not just ones that Tanya Huff 11222206_10205747089331213_5978713773538586954_omade her look good (I love someone who can laugh at herself)
  • not only shared the spotlight with others well, but actually went out of her way to make sure that every panelist got the spotlight
  • had a notebook and took notes whenever anyone mentioned something she found interesting (and that happened a lot)
  • made funny (indeed goofy comments) that made her one of us (like the one about the planet where the sheep were the apex predator)

As I said, I’ve admired her work for a long time; and now I admire her as well

I only hope that someday I’ll grow up to be as good a writer and as nice a person as Tanya Huff

(please pardon the fan girl squee, but it’ such a delight to find that a writer you admire is even cooler than you thought 😉 )

Catherine Kane


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