The Journey of a Million Miles Begins With One Baby Step

Do you want to write, but somehow can’t get started?

Well, sometimes you need to start small…

There’s a Japanese business concept called Kaizen, that usesthe concept of starting small to make big things happen. Kaizen  recommends  breaking a big project  down into smaller and smaller baby steps, until you find the biggest step that you are willing and able to start to take action on now.

And if you have a good step identified, but you somehow can’t seem to get started, that means you need to break it down even smaller.54f6a620-f2d8-4bdc-ad37-a97aa1a18800

This might mean that, in order to write your great American novel, the first step would be to write a chapter, or make a list of what you wanted to cover in the book, or even (in an extreme case) to turn on your computer, open a blank page and type your byline and save it….

Many times, when a task seems dauntingly immense, we end up unable to move forwards; but if it’s a “baby-step” we can start to move, and once we’re in motion, we tend to keep moving.

And moving forward, even in baby steps, puts us on the road to our dreams.

What step could you take action on now to move in the direction of your writing dreams?…

Catherine Kane


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