Grammar Saves You Money and Trouble…..

I believe that you may need to break the rules of grammar in order to create specific effects. I believe that you need to know the rules first, before you can break them effectively.

And this week, I realized that grammar can also save you money and trouble.

As a writer, you’ll encounter lots of people who want you to hire them. Editors. Publishers. Website designers. And many of them are great people who would be good to work with.

But some of them are not

Some of them are people from overseas, and English is their second (or seventh…) language. Now, I have limited skills in languages outside of English and a great deal of admiration for folks who are bi-lingual. That being said though, if you’re going to be doing jobs like editing or publicity for a book in English, you need more than basic skills in that language. You need excellent spelling, grammar and written skills to do the job you’re hiring out for- and not all of those people have the skills to do the job.

If you, as the writer hiring people to work with, have decent skills in grammar, it can help you tell the difference between folks who have the skills to do the job and those who don’t.

Worse yet, some of the folks who will bid for your business are scam artists. English may be their first language or it may not, but their objective is to separate you from your money by promising you the world but not delivering. Many of these people reveal themselves by the poor grammar in their posts

Once again, if you the writer have decent grammar, it can alert you to folks who don’t have the skills to do the job and  may be trying to scam you.

It’s good to have beta readers, and editors, and other folks who can help make your work better, but it’s also important for you to have good grammar because  grammar can  save you money and trouble.

Catherine Kane


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