Constructive Criticism- Too Soft

Online, one thing I hear people saying that feedback can’t be honest if it’s nice And that’s just not the case.

If you’re a writer, sometimes you’ll get it right. Sometimes you’ll have a perfect writing day, or a great turn of phrase, or really nail that fight scene.

Creative partners working on computer at their deskAt that point, an honest reviewer will tell you what you’re doing right. How the heck are you supposed to learn and grow and get better if you’re not hearing “This! Do more of this!”? People who believe that good reviews are dishonest will miss that side of the picture

On the other hand, sometimes you get it right, but sometimes you don’t. That’s the time when an inaccurately nice review will not let you know what the problem is, and make it harder to fix it.

So why will some people lie rather than tell you the truth about those problems?

  • They may not want to hurt your feelings
  • They may not want to discourage you from doing something you love
  • They may be afraid of hurting your relationship
  • They may have been caught before in the middle of a emotional explosion from someone who can’t take criticism, and not want to go there again
  • They may want to finish giving feedback as quickly as possible, and saying “It’s fine” takes a lot less time than saying “I liked this but not that”

There are lots of reasons why people might kill your writing with kindness- but you know what? You actually know how to avoid that. There’s no harm in positive feedback, but you want it because the work is good, as opposed to the reviewer not wanting to have it out with you.

We all have people in our lives that we can trust to give us the straight information, whether its good or not. We all have people who put protecting us over informing us. When we think about it, we know who’s who.

So, when you want feedback, you give it to the straight shooters, because they’re the ones who can help you more.

(Check out “On Constructive Criticism” and “Constructive Criticism- So What Is That Anyway?“)

Catherine Kane


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