Do Something Different (Writing Quick Tip)

Find yourself stuck or blocked?

Haven’t written a word for hours (or days…or weeks….)?

Feel like this thing you’re working on will never, ever, ever be finished?

hands with laptop typing in night

hands with laptop typing in night

well, maybe it’s time to do something different

As writers, we often build writing rituals because they help us to write. We write in a certain place. We play a certain kind of music. We wear our lucky writing sweaters.

and sometimes the cues we build tell our unconscious minds “It’s time to write” and kick our inner writer into overtime

but sometimes a routine becomes a trap. It becomes stale and overly familiar,

and we find we’re stuck

That’s the time to shake things up. Change where you write. If you usually like silence, run some quiet music/if music, try silence. Go for a drive. Write in a cafe. Write in the dead of night or the early morning or whenever you don’t usually tickle the keys

And see if doing something different breaks the slump that has you in its grasp

Variety is the spice of life- and sometimes it’s what you need to spice up your writing routine…

Catherine Kane


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