So, Who’s My Reader, Again?…

I ran into a young dude in an online group for writers. When asked who his readers were, he said “Everybody!”

He also wanted to sell millions of books, make large quantities of money and have everyone on the face of the planet love his book.

The poor kid.

He didn’t get the idea that it’s not a one size fits all universe. That no book, no matter how well written, is going to please everyone. That knowing who his reader is will help him make a better writer-reader connection, both when he writes and when he shares the good news about his book.

He’s in for a lot of disappointment.

I hope you aren’t.

Even as you write, it’s good to know who the reader you’re tying to connect with is

  • Are you writing for children/teens/young adults/ older folks?
  • What is your reader interested in- entertainment/ humor/ information/ inspiration?
  • Does our reader want a quick information burst or a more leisurely ramble?
  • Does your reader like long words or jargon?
  • What genre are you writing in?
  • Does your reader want more stripped down professional speak or something a little cozier or homier?

These are a few of the kinds  of questions that’ll help you know who you’re writing for, so you’ll be able to make a better connection

So, who’s your reader?

Catherine Kane


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