Constructive Criticism- Bad Hair Days

Last time, we talked about criticism that is “too hard”; why it happens and why it often isn’t helpful. (Constructive Criticism-Too Hard)

There’s one source of “too hard” critiques I didn’t mention there.

The Bad Hair day…..

Creative partners working on computer at their deskNobody’s life is perfect. Nobody’s life runs smoothly and gracefully at all times. We all have days when we get up on the wrong side of the bed, the car won’t start, the furnace backs up, we’re surrounded by nasty folk and our hair just won’t do what we want it to, no matter how we try.

Those nibbled-to-death-by-baby-ducks days…

And, unless you have the emotional control of a Tibetan monk, those are the wrong days to be giving feedback on somebody else’s writing. The odds are good that you’ll see the work through an angry red lens, your cranky will bleed through and you’ll be unable to give a fair and useful critique to the writer.

There’s a simple answer to that. When your day’s falling apart, don’t give feedback on writing.

Instead, wrap yourself up in a comforting quilt, eat some chocolate or drink some wine, and wait til your head is clear again before you start advising others on their works.

Skip the bad hair days, and wait til the sun comes out again

(and if you missed the earlier posts, try On Constructive Criticism, Constructive Criticism- So What is That Anyway?,  and Constructive Criticism- Too Soft)

Catherine Kane


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