Features Vs Benefits (Writing Quick Tip)

Writing up a blurb for your non-fiction book to tell people what it’s about and get them interested in it?

To get the best results, you need to  know the difference between features and benefits

Features are things that tell you about the book.  They’re things like

  • Information obtained by surveying over a million people
  • Came out of my longstanding interest in this subject
  • Pictures that illustrate the process
  • Convenient index to help you find specific items
  • Complete list of techniques for this subject

Now these are all important things, but they’re not what’s going to do the best job of grabbing your reader. Your reader wants to know about benefits- what this book will do for him; such as

  • gets you started taming lions within two weeks
  • clear directions help you learn quickly and easily
  • list of things to avoid to help you stay safe and learn faster
  • the aerobic benefits of big cat training- how working the big cage can also help you lose weight

So, whether you’re writing an advertisement, a book blurb, or the back cover for your latest masterpiece, think about benefits. What will a reader get out of your book to make his life better?

Catherine Kane


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