Constructive Criticism- Honest Feedback

The first characteristic of constructive criticism is that it’s honest. If you’re giving feedback, you want to give the most accurate information you can, so the writer can have something to work from. If you’re receiving feedback, you want to be able to trust that the information you’ve been given is accurate, as opposed to someone else’s ego or  what the other person thinks you want to hear.

Creative partners working on computer at their deskPlease note that, when I say honest, I’m not referring to what some people call “brutally honest”. In theory, that’s the absolute truth with nothing held back that might hurt your feelings. In practice, I find that “brutally honest” is a phrase most often used by people who want to feed their egos at your expense, or ones who think hurting other people is fun. If you’re good enough with words to give useful feedback to a writer, you’re good enough to give useful and honest information without going for the throat.

Please also note, if you are giving constructive criticism, people need honesty, but they may need it in stages. If they’ve got a lot of things that need fixing, dumping the whole list on them all at once may be more than they can handle. Be honest- but also evaluate how much honesty your writer can take in one dose


Catherine Kane


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