Changing Up My Writing (Nano style)

I’ve started work on my next book as part of NaNoWriMo, and I’m experiencing something that I’m finding interesting. Here’s  part of the notes that I’m taking as I go along….

Nov 2 Well that was fascinating.

 Usually I outline and sort out my major points for my non-fiction in advance and kind of free form my fiction. Until now, this has been the system that seemed to work best for me

 This year, I’m doing nonfiction and  did an outline but have felt more than a little unsettled about it. I’ve had urges multiple times in the last few weeks that I should rework my prep, but haven’t really had the time or energy to go back and do so.

When I started writing on my Nano, early in the am on Nov 1, it seemed strained and difficult and just not coming the way I’d want a Nano to do – and so I decided to try something absolutely crazy. I decided to keep the words I’d already written but to start over writing this as a free form exercise- holding the basic theme in mind and referring back to the outline as needed, but just letting the words flow out spontaneously

 And, wildly enough, it seems to be working. The words are coming smoother and faster, there are less dead stops while I try to figure out next what to say and how to say it, the voice of the work is more authentically me

 Now this may be because this book is about the stories we tell ourselves and how we shape our reality with them. It may be that, to talk about words and stories, I need to tap more into my creative side, and the free form method I use to create fiction is better for that

 It may also be, though, that NaNo is teaching me that I’m not really limited by the structures and beliefs that I have created for myself, and that I can choose to change my beliefs and the actions that I take based on them in order to get results that make me happier


There is no spoon…

 As I said, fascinating. Let’s see how this progresses

We’ll see what happens. How is your Nano going?

Catherine Kane


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