That Uphill Crawl…..

In every major undertaking, there’s always a point that you get to where you feel like you’re crawling up hill…

in gelatinous mud…

with lead weights around your ankles…

towing a trailer full of fully stocked refrigerators…

and writing is no different in that than any other task.

When you’re writing something of length and substance, there will always be a point (and often two or three or more) when the inspiration slows to a crawl, the words stop flowing and the writer begins to question why he or she started working on this cussed thing in the first place. For those of us who are doing NaNoWriMo, this often happens  during week two, when the first delight of the adventure has passed and it’s time to settle down and work at it…

And that’s when people either become writers or do not…

The best, most true definition of a writer is someone who writes. Part of that is not just writing when the sun is bright, the band is playing and the muse is gently stroking your cheek. Part of that is keeping writing when the skies are dark and overcast, your socks are soggy and you haven’t heard from your muse for a long, long times…

You just keep going. Keep crawling uphill. Keep on writing. Even if you’re discouraged. Even if it feels like what you’re writing is slop.

Because there are times when it will surely feel like that. It’s a given.

So, if the sun is shining and the band is playing, by all means good for you. Keep writing.

But… if it’s dark and scary and the words won’t come….  keep writing too.

Because the sun will shine again. And the band will come back from intermission.

and because the world still needs your words.

Keep crawling uphill. Keep writing.

Catherine Kane


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