Constructive Criticism- Your Book Stands On Its Own Merits

If you want to give criticism that is constructive, one key point is to let the book stand on its own merits. If it’s well written, it’s well written. If it has room for improvement, it has room for improvement. If it’s messed up and sincerely needs a major re-write, it’s messed up and sincerely needs a major re-write,

Don’t, however, make it the representative for something biggerCreative partners working on computer at their desk

  • Don’t launch into a criticism of the entire genre it’s a part of.
  • Don’t give feedback based on the trophes or style of the entire genre
  • Don’t get into the sex, or the religion, or other aspects of the writer himself. While these things may have a bearing on the writing, you’re being asked for feedback on the writing, not the writer’s personal life.
  • Don’t get distracted by the philosophy or politics or lifestyle it advocates (unless it affects the writing)
  • Don’t, above all, get into the idea that you hate this genre so this book deserves to be set on fire…

You’re not here to give feedback on the genre or on literature or on life in general. You’re here to help the writer to improve this particular book.

Please keep your focus on the book in front of you. That’s how you can give feedback that will help this writer.

Catherine Kane


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